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The Sysmex Scientific Calendar
Sysmex Scientific Calendar 2008
Acute haemolysis
Extreme leukocytosis
Severe thrombocytopenia
Anaemia and erythrocytosis
Tumour cells
Acute leukaemia
Promyelocytic leukaemia
Reference scattergrams

The haematological emergency - Acute leukaemia - Calendar 2008 month 8

Acute leukaemia always represents a haematological emergency since if untreated, it may cause death within a very short period of time. Particularly in B-ALL and Burkitt lymphoma the tumour cells proliferate very fast and the patient bears the risk of a tumour lysis syndrome. It is essential to diagnose the disease and to initiate therapy without delay (see also month 10: promyelocytic leukaemia).

This leukocyte differential scattergram demonstrates an abnormal distribution (in grey) of the lymphocyte and monocyte population and the haematology analyser generated the flag ‘Blasts?’. In this case further diagnostic analysis and a blood film were necessary to diagnose acute monocytic leukaemia (AML-M4)

Detection of Auer rods (->) in the cytoplasm of myeloblasts is characteristic of acute myeloid leukaemia (AML).

Blood film from a patient with cortical T-ALL.

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