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Sysmex Scientific Calendar 2008
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The haematological emergency - Bacteria - Calendar 2008 month 9

Especially in intensive care patients bacterial infection can quickly lead to sepsis or even death, making a rapid detection of the pathogens crucial. An elevated concentration of immature granulocytes and other clinical parameters like interleukin 6 (IL-6) or C-reactive protein (CRP) can sometimes be indicators of sepsis. For an effective therapy identification of the pathogen in the blood is essential. This is usually done by blood culture. On rare occasions the bacteria can already be detected in the blood film.

The haematology analysers SYSMEX XE-5000, XE-2100, XT-2000i and XT-1800i can measure and display the fraction of immature granulocytes (IG, blue area). Elevated numbers of immature granulocytes may, among other conditions, be present in sepsis

If bacteria are detectable in a blood film, a blood film from a different patient should be stained with the same staining solution and be checked for bacteria to rule out contamination of the staining solution. If none are detectable (as shown here), the detection of bacteria has to be reported to the treating physician immediately.

Incidental detection of Borrelia recurrentis (->) in a patient initially suspected to suffer from malaria. Borrelia recurrentis is transmitted by lice and ticks and is the causative agent of relapsing fever. Like malaria, relapsing fever often is a travel-related disease that, after an incubation time of up to 2 weeks, leads to fever attacks.

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