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The Sysmex Scientific Calendar
Sysmex Scientific Calendar 2007
Lymphatic cells
Inclusion bodies
Rare cells
Cytoplasmic protrusions

Arte?-Fact? - Malaria - Calendar 2007 month 8

In high concentrations of malaria parasites, there is no problem with the recognition of artefacts, because there is a sufficient number of parasites clearly recognisable. Conversely, artefact identification is a problem in low or very low concentration of parasites. Here it is important to correctly differentiate between artefacts and parasites.

Schizont of plasmodium malariae in malaria quartana.

Giant platelet with prominent granulation from a patient with essential thrombocythaemia (ET). (Defective haematopoiesis causes detectable poikilocytosis.)

Platelets can lie on top of erythrocytes, and look very much like plasmodia. (By turning the micrometer screw, one will realize quite easily that the object is on top of the erythrocyte and not inside it, as it would be with plasmodia.)

Older ring forms of plasmodium falciparum in malaria tropica.

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