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The Sysmex Scientific Calendar
Sysmex Scientific Calendar 2007
Lymphatic cells
Inclusion bodies
Rare cells
Cytoplasmic protrusions

Arte?-Fact? - Lymphatic cells - Calendar 2007 month 1

Cell concentrations in the blood count can still be determined after 24 hours. However, storage of EDTA blood modifies the morphology of cells. Therefore, blood films need to be prepared within 6-8 hours. Under dehumidified conditions, the slides are stable for 4-6 weeks.

Cell of a follicular lymphoma. The deeply indented nucleus is characteristic.

On the top right a morphologically atypical lymphocyte from a normal person resulting from prolonged storage of the EDTA blood (24 hours).

EDTA blood of a female patient with a transitional form of chroniclymphatic leukaemia/prolymphocytic leukaemia. The three large cells are prolymphocytes, the smaller ones are lymphocytes.

The same blood as above, but blood film prepared one day later. A safe morphological differentiation is no longer possible.

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