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The Sysmex Scientific Calendar
Sysmex Scientific Calendar 2007
Lymphatic cells
Inclusion bodies
Rare cells
Cytoplasmic protrusions

Arte?-Fact? - Cytoplasmic protrusions - Calendar 2007 month 12

Changes in the shape of the cytoplasm are due to multiple causes. Unless they represent only minimal cytoplasmic protrusions of lymphocytes, they need careful consideration.

Cytoplasmic protrusions of a lymphocyte in normal blood. (Although such protrusions are frequently found with infections, contrary to activated lymphocytes they are of no diagnostic importance.)

Cytoplasmic fragments split off a blast in a case of acute lymphatic leukaemia (ALL). In certain automated haematology analysers, such fragments might possibly suggest a wrongly high concentration of platelets.

This 'hairy' lymphocyte comes from a person suffering from active infection (without any malignant disease). The granula identify it as a T or a NK cell.

Hairy cell from a hair cell leukaemia. Typical are the monocytic type nuclei with loose chromatin, and the greyblue, heterogeneous cytoplasm. The hairy protrusions can be missing in some cases.

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