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The Sysmex Scientific Calendar
Sysmex Scientific Calendar 2007
Lymphatic cells
Inclusion bodies
Rare cells
Cytoplasmic protrusions

Arte?-Fact? - Striations - Calendar 2007 month 10

Staining must be standardised. Modification of the process, and also each new batch of staining solution should be controlled by a blood film made from normal blood: The colour of the erythrocytes must be salmon, the chromatin of the nuclei in the leukocytes must be clearly visible, and the cytoplasm of the normal lymphocytes must be blue. If with equal staining time the blood film or specific cells are different in colour, this has a diagnostic implication and is not detected as artefact.

Striations with a blue cast and parts of the erythrocytes broken off, due to overheating of the blood sample (storage in the car with the sun shining on it).

A large number of flocculated cryoglobulins become visible when the condenser is lowered and no microscope oil is applied (compare with next picture).

When examined in the usual way with microscope oil the cryoglobulins appear as striations with a blue cast (the same sample and the same spot as above).

Reddish striations caused by extreme haemolysis in a case of septicaemia caused by Clostridium perfringens.

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